The Story

  • Greetings and welcome to Erika's Emporium. Looking for strange and unusual? Then look no further. I collect, create and sell anything and everything dark and mysterious I may find that intrigues me. On this website you will be able to purchase some of my handcrafted art creations. Repurposing found and unique objects to create one of a kind pieces of dark art is my passion.

    My specialty though is creating creepy one of a kind horror dolls. The character movie dolls I make are inspired by some of the best cult classic horror films of all time including; Pet Sematary, Carrie, Interview with the Vampire, Thir13een Ghosts, Hellraiser, The Ring (which is my signature doll creation) and more! You can view my entire collection here. I will be posting new dolls at least once a week so be sure to check back regularly.

    You can also follow Erika's Emporium's Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up with all the latest creations and curiosities I have crafted or found around this crazy world. Open your mind and enjoy the enigma of Erika's Emporium.

New pieces each week

New horror movie inspired dolls are being created every week as we create our Collection.