#7 SOLD Samara Morgan "The Ring" (Number 2 of 3) Horror Doll

    Theme: Addams Family Dolls
  • Artist: Erika Schulte
  • Doll Number: 7
  • Price: SOLD

Inspired by Samara Morgan in "The Ring" 15” (Doll with stand). She's a vengeful spirit who had a tragic life. She holds a cursed videotape foretelling the viewer's death in exactly 7 days. Her face and creepy drawing is something only true fans will recognize!! This Ring Doll is intended for collection and display only. Not intended for children. Clothes cannot be removed and only light dusting of doll is recommended. This doll is handmade with recycled items and they may contain imperfections. Tagged, numbered, signed with date of rebirth.